Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

Project Description
The GCRMN aims to improve management and sustainable conservation of
coral reefs for people by assessing the status and trends in the reefs
and how people use and value the resources. It will do this by
providing many people with the capacity to assess their own resources,
within a global network, and to spread the word on reef status and

In summary, the core objectives are:

To link existing organizations and people to monitor biophysical and
social, cultural and economic aspects of coral reefs within
interacting regional networks.

To strengthen the existing capacity to examine reefs by providing a
consistent monitoring program, that will identify Trends in coral
reefs and discriminate between natural, anthropogenic, and climatic

To disseminate results at local, regional, and global scales by
providing annual reports on coral reef status and trends to assist
environmental management agencies implement sustainable use and
conservation of reefs. Data will also aid
preparation of predictive global climate change models for the GOOS
Coastal Zone Module.

Please visit the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network Pages: or for additional information.

Dr Clive Wilkinson Coordinator,
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
c/o Australian Institute of Marine Science
Tel: +61 77 534 372 or +61 77 724 314
Fax: +61 77 722 808 or +61 77 725 852


Dr John McManus
ReefBase Project Leader
International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management,
MCPO Box 2631
0718 MAKATI, Metro Manila

Tel: +63 2 818 0466 or +63 2 817 5255
Fax: +63 2 816 3183