Arctic System Science/Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2

Project Description
The Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2), initiated in 1988, was the
first project funded under the Arctic System Science (ARCSS)
program. Studies of the GISP2 ice cores and companion European cores
(the GReenland Ice core Project, or GRIP, cores) ushered in a new era
of continuous, high-resolution, multi-parameter paleoenvironmental

The GISP2 cores offered a high-resolution archive of more than 110,000
years of global change history, including at least the last
interglacial-to-glacial cycle. They provide the longest such record
available from the Northern Hemisphere. Scientists studying the GISP2
cores analyzed ice stratigraphy, trapped gases and their stable
isotopes, stable isotopes in ice, particulates, major and trace
element chemistry of ice, ice conductivity, and physical properties of
the cores. The detailed paleoenvironmental history revealed by GISP2
research has greatly expanded our understanding of global change and
earth system science.

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