Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean

Project Description
The purpose of SHEBA is to study the heat budget of the Arctic Ocean
and its impact on global change. The primary goals of SHEBA are: (1)
to develop, test and implement models of arctic ocean- atmosphere-ice
processes that demonstrably improve simulations of the present day
arctic climate, including its variability, using General Circulation
Models (GCMs), and (2) to improve the interpretation of satellite
remote sensing data in the Arctic for analysis of the arctic climate
system and provide reliable data for model input, model validation
and climate monitoring. This work involves development of new
technology for solar infrared flux measurements at the Arctic Ocean
surface. Efforts will also be made to develop an all season algorithm
to retrieve total and multi-year sea ice concentrations from SSM/I
85.5 Ghz imagery from satellites and conduct a validation of polar
cloud detection principles, using AVHRR data matched with surface
all-sky photography and sea ice coverage lo! gs. This proposal
focuses on SHEBA PHASE I technological development and analysis of
existing data sets.

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