European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica

Project Description
Questions posed for the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA):

1. Are global climate changes always triggered in the Northern
Hemisphere or is also the opposite sequence possible?
2. How are global changes coupled between the two hemispheres?
3. Are rapid climatic changes also observed in previous climatic cycles?
4. Do transitions from glacial to interglacial periods and back follow
always the same pattern or is there a variety of mechanisms


Drill at two sites in Antarctica: In central East Antarctica at Dome C
and in the Atlantic sector in Dronning Maud Land at a site yet to be


1. Provide our expertise in the drilling technology and provide
especially the drill tower, the winch control and the drill heads.

2. Measure several parameters along the ice core with Continuous Flow
Analysis (CFA).

3. Measure the CO2 and CH4 concentration and the isotopic composition
(d13C of CO2 and d18O of O2) of the air enclosed in bubbles and air

4. Participate in the site selection for the drilling in the Atlantic

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