International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project Initiative-I

Project Description
The International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project (ISLSCP)
Initiative I data collection described here was borne out of a
workshop organized by the ISLSCP scientific community in
1992. This workshop brought modelers, algorithm developers, and
field experiment scientists together to discuss future steps
for applying and translating current research findings into
useful global data sets for land-atmosphere models; see the
overview ( Acrobat version) paper by Sellers et al. The data
sets contained within this CD set are a direct response to the
recommendations of that workshop. The intent here was to
produce, as quickly as possible, a consistent collection of
high priority global data sets using existing data sources and
algorithms, designed to satisfy the needs of those
modelers. The workshop recommendations specified that global
data sets at a consistent spatial and temporal resolution be
compiled in four key areas: land cover, hydrometeorology,
radiation, and soil! s.

Contact Information:

Eric Brown de Colstoun
David R. Landis

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