Project Description
Following the successful completion of the Landmap Project the
Manchester InforMation and Associated Services (MIMAS), The University
of Manchester, University College London, and Eduserv are pleased to
announce the release of the products and services produced by The
Landmap Project and MIMAS to the Academic Community in the British
Isles. The following Institutions are Licensed to access the Landmap
Data and services at MIMAS. If your institute is not licensed you can
get a License from These data
sets are currently free up till July 2003.

The JISC funded Landmap Project is a joint project between MIMAS and
University College London Dept. of Geomatic Engineering and other
project partners. (A full list of the project participants is under
the Project Team link of this website.) The project was envisaged to
provide orthorectified satellite image mosaics of Landsat, SPOT and
ERS radar data and a high resolution Digital Elevation Model for the
British Isles. This data is now available in formats that are readily
accessible to users of Geographic Information Systems, Image
Processing and Desktop publishing software .


Accessing the data:, MIMAS

Processing your own data:, MIMAS

SAR techniques and DEM research: Prof. J.-P. Muller, Department
of Geomatic Engineering, UCL

GPS techniques and research: Prof. Paul Cross, Head of the
Department of Geomatic Engineering, UCL

Plannimetric accuracy: Prof. Ian Dowman, Department of Geomatic
Engineering, UCL

GIS techniques and research: Jeremy Morley, Department of
Geomatic Engineering, UCL

SAR processing software: Andy Smith, Phoenix Systems

General enquiries:, MIMAS

For more information on LANDMAP, link to

[Summary provided by the University of Manchester]