Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Change Assessment

Project Description
The Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Change Assessment (MECCA)
Enhanced Greenhouse Atlas is an industry-funded project
designed to assess the reliability of Global Circulation Models
(GCMs), to quantify the probable range of future climatic
change and to convey the resulting information to policymakers
and other interested organizations and individuals. The Enhance
Greenhouse Atlas visualizes the results from six MECCA
experiments employing a variety of greenhouse gas
scenarios. The six models are: GENESIS: Global Environmental
and Ecological Simulation of Interactive Systems BMRC CCM0:
NCAR's Community Climate Model (Washington and Meehl) CCM1-OZ:
Modified version of CCM1 CCM1W: Wang, et al (1992) version of
CCM1 CCM1: Oglesby and Saltzman (1992) version of CCM1 The
model results illustrate the effects of enhanced carbon dioxide
(CO2) concentrations on surface temperature and
precipitation. The atlas is divided into two sections
representing surface temperature and p! recipitation. These
are further divided into five subsections each consisting of
displays for the four canonical months: January, April, July
and October. The five subsections are: agreement maps; mean;
standard deviation control run; mean differences; and
signal-to-noise. The atlas is available on the World-Wide Web
at: The atlas WWW pages
were created by Jessica Weinstein. The Grid Analysis Display
System (GrADS), developed by Brian E. Doty, was used to
generate the graphics. Contributors and authors include:
A. Henderson-Sellers, A.-M. Hansen, J. Arblaster, J. Hoekstra,
K. McGuffie, C. Brescianini, C. Gross, P. Love, M. Perkins, and
the MECCA Analysis Team, Professor R. Oglesby (Purdue
University) and Professor W-C. Wang (SUNY Albany)

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