Species At Risk

Project Description
The Species at Risk Program (SAR) is sponsered by the United States
Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division. The program develops
scientific information on the status of sensitive species or groups of
species, particularly with respect to the relationship of species
abundance and distribution to habitat conditions and environmental
stresses. The basic purpose of SAR is to generate information that
allows the development of conservation agreements, action plans,
management alternatives, etc., to provide for the protection of
species and their habitats and thereby preclude the need for listing
species as threatened or endangered.

The initiative provides an opportunity for scientists to participate
through survey and research activities. Projects are specifically
intended to be of short duration and should seek to optimize
partnerships with federal agencies, states, universities, and the
private sector. Successful SAR projects are often conducted by
investigators who have identified key, small but critical gaps in
biological knowledge.

For more information,
link to http://www.ets.uidaho.edu/coop/SmallPops/Funding/sar.htm
or http://biology.usgs.gov/cro/fws.htm

[Summary provided by University of Idaho]