Stratospheric Photochemistry, Aerosols and Dynamics Expedition

Project Description
The Stratospheric Photochemistry Aerosols and Dynamics Expedition
(SPADE) is the first in a series of field experiments designed to
support the NASA High-Speed Research Program (HSRP). This program is
designed to assess the impact of emissions from supersonic aircraft
operating in the lower stratosphere. SPADE is tasked with determining
the key chemical processes that affect ozone levels in the
stratosphere. A variety of chemical measurements are made from NASA's
ER-2 high-altitude aircraft based at the NASA Ames Research
Center. These measurements will be used to address the fundamental
reactions between various chemicals in the stratosphere.

Contact Information:

Richard B. Rood
Principal Investigator

Data Assimilation Office
Laboratory for Atmospheres
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

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