Southern Oxidants Study

Project Description
The Southern Oxidants Study (SOS) is a strategic alliance of research scientists, engineers, and air quality managers from universities, federal and state governments, industry, and public interest groups.

In SOS, these groups work to design and execute scientific research and assessment programs that will increase understanding of the accumulation of ozone, other oxidants, and fine particulate matter in the atmosphere near the ground. The SOS program began in 1988 and will continue at least through the year 2002.

SOS was formed in June 1988 when a group of 60 concerned scientists, federal and state agency officials and key industrial representatives gathered at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. The group posed the question of why ozone reduction measures had been unsuccessful, particularly in the South. As a result, the following actions took place:

Establishment of a multi-year research and monitoring program to study the formation of ozone in the South and to evaluate alternative strategies for its reduction.

Creation of the Southern Oxidants Study, a strategic alliance committed to supporting and participating in the program.

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