San Diego Geographic Information Systems

Project Description
San Diego Geographic Information Systems (SanGIS) is a jointly
funded project of the City and County of San Diego who is
responsible for maintenance of and access to the region's
geographic databases.

SanGIS was created in July, 1997, as a Joint Powers Agreement
(JPA) between the City and County of San Diego. After 13 years
of working together on data and application development, the
City and County decided to formalize their partnership in GIS by
creating the SanGIS JPA. Finding that access to correct and
current geographic data was considered more important than
application development to County and City departments, SanGIS
focuses on ensuring geographic data is maintained and


To maintain and promote the use of a regional geographic data
warehouse for the San Diego area and to facilitate the
development of shared geographic data and automated systems
which use that data.


1. To ensure geographic data currency and integrity.

2. To provide cost effective access to geographic data to member
agencies, subscribers and the public.

3. To generate revenue from the sale of geographic data products
to reduce the cost of map maintenance to member agencies.

Contact Information:

1010 Second Avenue, Suite 130A
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone 619-702-0400
Fax: 619-702-0410

For more information,
linl to

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