Space Shuttle Earth Photographs Observation Project

Project Description
The NASA Space Shuttle program has been actively involved in the
collection of photographs of the Earth since 1981. Space Shuttle
astronauts have taken over 125,000 photographs with hand-held
and Shuttle-mounted cameras, including the Hasselblad 500 EL/M
70mm, the Linhof Aero Technika 45 127mm and the Large Format
Camera (LFC).

The Space Shuttle Earth Observation Project (SSEOP) office is
responsible for planning film acquisitions for each shuttle
mission and for training the astronauts to use the cameras. The
SSEOP office also maintains and populates the Shuttle data base
which catalogs all shuttle photography. Roughly 85 percent of
the acquired Shuttle photographs are Earth looking views. The
rest of the photographs may involve satellite deployments,
extravehicular activities and photographs within the Shuttle.

Most of the photographs are in natural color, although limited
amounts of black and white and color infrared-film have also
been acquired.

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