Project Description
ArcAtlas: Our Earth is digital atlas comprised of small scale GIS
data sets and digital images containing information related to
both the physical and cultural environment. More than 40
different geographic themes are incorporated. A number of
prepared ArcView projects allow the user to view precompiled
views by theme and region. Data are in ARC/INFO, ArcView or image
formats. The map content and level of detail are similar to other
standard maps at scales of 1:10,000,000 for Europe; 1:20,000,000
for North and South America, Africa, and Antarctica; and
1:25,000,000 for Asia and Australia.

This data was prepared in a collaborative effort involving DATA+
(Russia), the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of
Sciences, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, and ESRI. See
the documentation for more detailed information about this
data. ArcAtlas is available to NCSU affiliates in conjunction
with the campus license for ESRI software.

Data layers:

World (the top level directory) atlas.apr (startup
ArcView project for ArcView 2.1 UNIX) atlas.hlp (atlas text
readable by ArcView 2.1 UNIX) atlas.pdf (atlas text for use with
Adobe Acrobat Reader) atlas_m2.apr(startup ArcView project for
ArcView 2.1 for Mac) atlas_pc.apr (startup ArcView project for
ArcView 2.1 for Windows) atlas_pc.hlp (atlas text in Windows help
format) atlas3.apr (startup ArcView project for ArcView 3.0 for
UNIX and Mac) atlaspc3.apr (startup ArcView project for ArcView
3.0 for Windows) banner.bmp (image used as ArcAtlas title banner)

atmosph (atmosphere data, projects, and map images) frstfree
(Frost-free Period data, projects, and map images) sample
directory contents// affrf.apr (Africa Frost-free Period
ArcView project) aufrf.apr (Australia ArcView project)
euasfrf.apr (Europe and Asia ArcView project) frf.tif
(Frost-free Period "Look at map" image) nafrf.apr (North
America ArcView project) safrf.apr (South America ArcView
project) wdfrf.tif (Frost-free Period "World map" image)
afdurdd (Africa Frost-free Period ARC/INFO coverage) asdurdd
(Asia ARC/INFO coverage) audurdd (Australia ARC/INFO coverage)
eudurdd (Europe ARC/INFO coverage) info (INFO directory for
the Frost-Free Period coverages) nadurdd (North America
ARC/INFO coverage) sadurdd (South America ARC/INFO coverage)
//end sample directory contents pcip_jan (Precipitation,
January) pcip_jul (Precipitation, July) pcip_yr
(Precipitiation, Annual) solar_rd (Solar Radiation) temp_jan
(Air Temperature, January) temp_jul (Air Temperature, July)
temp_yr (Air Temperature, Year)

codes (text descriptions of attribute codes--used by UNIX
help, atlas.hlp) agricult.txt (text file for agriculture
codes) etc.

descript (text descriptions of space images and photos) a1.doc
(text file describing image number a1) etc.

grd_img (World Grid and Image Location data) animlb
(Antarctica Image Location ARC/INFO coverage) grid (World Grid
ARC/INFO coverage) gridlb (World Grid for Antarctica ARC/INFO
coverage) image (World Image Location ARC/INFO coverage) info
(INFO directory for World Grid and Image Location coverages)

hydrosph (hydrosphere data, projects, and map images)
glaciers (Glaciers)
grwater (Groundwater Discharge)
hydronet (Hydrographic Network)
permfrst (Permafrost)
reserv (Reservoirs)
snow (Snow Cover)
surf_run (Surface Runoff)

indx_map (space image and photograph index maps)
africa.tif (index map for Africa)

lithosph (lithosphere data, projects, and map images)
craters (Impact Craters)
equake (Earthquakes)
faults (Faults)
geo (Geological Structure)
m_sculpt (Morphosculpture)
m_struct (Morphologic Structure)
peaks (Peaks)
plates (Lithospheric Plates, world coverage)
quat_dep (Quaternary Deposits)
volc (Volcanoes)

refer (reference maps)
af_g_n.tif (Africa, general reference, north)
af_g_s.tif (Africa, general reference, south)
af_north.tif (Africa, physical features, north)
af_south.tif (Africa, physical features, south)
af_stref.tif (Africa, structural reference)
af_z_e.tif (Africa, zoomed-in, east)
af_z_s.tif (Africa, zoomed-in, south)

resource (resources data, projects, and map images)
agricult (Agriculture)
landscap (Present Landscapes)
landuse (Land Use)
minerals (Mineral Resources)
protect (Protected Areas)
soils (Soils)
veg (Vegetation)
wildlife (Wildlife)

slides (space images and photographs)
a1.tif (space image number a1)
ag101.shp (used to annotate an image view)
d1.tif (space image number d1)
des2.tif (space image number des2)
gr03.tif (ground slide number gr03)

society (society data, projects, and map images)
city (Urban Areas)
country (Political Structure)
pop (Population Density)

socinfra (social infrastructure data, projects, and map images)
airport (International Airports)
electric (Electric Power Plants)
manufact (Manufacturing Industry)
mining (Extractive Industry)
pipeline (Pipelines)
rds_rr (Transportation Structure)
tran_net (Transportation Network Density)

Access the atlas at:

[Summary provided by ESRI]