Open Geospatial Consortium/Web Feature Server

Project Description
The Open Geospatial Consortium/Web Feature Service is a specification developed
by the Open Geospatial Consortium that describes Web Feature Server (WFS)
operations. The WFS operations support INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, QUERY and
DISCOVERY of geographic features using HTTP as the distributed computing

This document adopts the same concept of a geographic feature as described in
the OGC Abstract Specification and interpreted in the Geographic Markup
Language (GML) Implementation Specification [2]. That is to say that the state
of a geographic feature is described by a set of properties where each property
can be thought of as a {name, type, value} tuple. The name, number, and type of
each feature property is determined by its type definition. Geographic features
are those that may have at least one property that is geometry-valued. This, of
course, implies that features can be defined with no geometric properties at
all. The geometries of geographic features are restricted to what OGC calls
simple geometries. A simple geometry is one for which coordinates are defined
in two dimensions and the delineation of a curve is subject to linear
interpolation. The traditional 0, 1 and 2-dimensional geometries defined in a
2-dimensional spatial reference system are represented by points, line strings
and polygons. In addition, the OGC geometry model allows for geometries that
are collections of other geometries - either homogeneous multi-point,
multi-line string, and multi-polygon collections or heterogeneous geometry
collections. Finally, GML allows features that have complex or aggregate
non-geometric properties.

The architecture includes:

Client Application Any program or process that communicates with a web server
using HTTP. The most typical example is a web browser but other types of
programs can exist as well. For example, one can imagine a data loader or
geodata editor that communicates with an HTTP server.

HTTP Server
Any program that services HTTP requests. For example, the Apache program is an
HTTP server.

Web Feature Server
A program or module that implements support for transaction and/or query
operations on web accessible features

OGC Feature Datastore
A software system for persistently storing and managing the spatial and
non-spatial properties of geographic features. The management system can be a
SQL relational database, flat files, an ARCINFO database, an XML based
datastore, etc...

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