South Florida Information Access

Project Description
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) is an interdisciplinary
service that provides coherent information access in support of
research, decision making, and resource management for the
South Florida ecosystem restoration effort. Sponsored by the
USGS Place Based Science Program (PBS, formerly the USGS
Ecosystem Program), SOFIA offers a suite of information systems
and tools enabling the selection, organization, documentation,
dissemination and storage of data and other information
products. SOFIA focuses on the projects and products of the
South Florida Place Based Science Program, as well as related
projects and products from other information providers,
including federal, state and local agencies; universities; and
non-governmental organizations. SOFIA personnel include a
cross-bureau team of scientists, information managers, and
informatics specialists, working in close collaboration with
partner and client agencies outside the USGS. Current and
planned SOFIA services include:

-SOFIA web site offering up-to-date information, documents and
other resources from the USGS South Florida Place Based Science

-Provide online clearinghouse for the South Florida Restoration
science forum

Searchable databases, including the Data Exchange (biologic,
hydrologic, meteorologic, and geographic datasets from all
PBS-sponsored projects)

-Searchable bibliography of USGS products for south Florida

-Tools for describing and searching for information (South
Florida -Environmental Thesaurus; South Florida Ecosystem

-Specialized tools for decision support (South Florida GEODE,
other geospatial interfaces)

-Searchable metadata (FGDC and NBII compatible records)


Bureau of Indian Affairs

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Florida Geological Survey

Florida Institute of Oceanography

National Biological Service (now called the USGS Biological
Resources Division)

National Marine Fisheries Service

National Marine Sanctuary

National Park Service

National Resource Conservation Service

Office of the Governor

South Florida Water Management District

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Department of Justice (U.S. Attorney)

U.S. Department of Transportation (Federal Highway Administration)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Florida Bay & Adjacent Marine Systems Science Program

Project Contact:

Ronnie Best
Coordinator, Greater Everglades Science Program
United States Geological Survey
15631 SW 48 St.
Miami, FL 33185

SOFIA Homepage:

[Summary provided by the USGS]