Project Description
The Land Cover Characterization Program (LCCP) was started in 1995 to address
National and International requirements for land cover data that were becoming
increasingly sophisticated and diverse. The goal of the land cover program is
to be a national and international center for excellence in land cover
characterization. To accomplish that goal, the program:

1. Develops state-of-the-art multiscale land cover characteristics data bases
used by scientists, resource managers, planners, and educators. (Global Land
Cover and National Land Cover)

2. Contributes to the understanding of the patterns, characteristics, and
dynamics of land cover across the Nation and the Earth.(Urban Dynamics and Land
Cover Trends)

3. Pursues research that improves the utility and efficiency of large-area land
cover characterization and land cover characteristics databases.

4. Serves as a central facility for access to, or information about, land cover
data.(Land Cover Applications Center)


[Summary provided by the USGS.]