Regional Ecology and Coastal Hydrography Data in the Western Gulf of Maine

Project Description
From April 2002 through June 2004, the Regional Ecology and Coastal Hydrography
(REACH, project conducted monthly field sampling
in the western Gulf of Maine. REACH is one of five seed projects associated
with the UNH center of excellence for Coastal Ocean Observing and Analysis
(COOA). COOA is developing and implementing new methodologies and approaches
for coastal ocean observing across the spectrum from data acquisition,
analysis, integration and synthesis.

The objective of REACH is to document and understand the functional
inter-relationships among the major elements of the planktonic assemblage in
the waters of western Gulf of Maine. The field program characterized the
physical dynamics, nutrient availability, and phytoplankton and zooplankton
assemblages. A long-term goal of this effort is to work toward a predictive
index of harmful algal bloom (HAB) occurrences in near-shore waters of the
western Gulf of Maine based on an integrated assessment of the planktonic
community. The comprehensive nature of the study also enables this work to
serve as a baseline for the western Gulf of Maine, against which future studies
can be compared.

Data can be accessed through the REACH Data System at

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