Archive of Census Related Products

Project Description
The Archive of Census Related Products (ARCP) is one of several efforts to
support the Population, Land Use, and Emissions (PLUE) Data Project at CIESIN.
This archive is a collection of georeferenced data files containing census
information that spans the United States and its territories. This coverage
will expand to include Mexico and Canada, establishing a North American
repository for population, land use, and emissions data and integrated data
products. These data files are value-added products derived from the original
1990 census files compiled by the U.S. Bureau of the Census. The major
components are:

-TIGER - boundary files based on TIGER 1992 files containing U.S. census

-STF - demographic data files containing population and housing
characteristics from the 1990 Summary Tape File STF3A and STF1B.

-STP - migration files derived from the STP28 Special Tabulation for 1990
which show the movement of persons by county.

-PUMS - public-use microdata samples which provide information for a
sample of housing units with data on the characteristics of each unit and the
people in it. The data are 5% and 1% samples of the population and housing of
the U.S.

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