Project Description
As it grows, the Southern Fire Portal (SFP) aims to become a &one-stop-shop& for fire related publications, datasets, databases, decision-support tools, models, glossaries, interactive CD-ROMs, videos, and state-of-the-knowledge literature syntheses. Combined with advanced search and a future integrated fire thesaurus, the goal is to find existing information quickly, efficiently, and for free.

The Southern Fire Portal's objectives are to improve fire science organization and accessibility by integrating and expanding three comprehensive and complementary sources of fire information: 1) the Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES), 2) the Encyclopedia of Southern Fire Science (ESFS), and 3) the Tall Timbers Research Station E.V. Komarek Fire Ecology Database and Thesaurus.

The combination of these powerful sources of information is synergistic, adding tremendous user-value to each source. The SFP is much more than a website; it is the gateway for ongoing information and technology transfer between the fire management and research communities, and their publics.

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