Distributed Info. Services for Climate/Ocean Prod./Visualizations for Earth Res.

Project Description
The primary objective of the Distributed Information Services for Climate and Ocean Products and Visualizations for Earth Research (DISCOVER) Project is to provide highly accurate, long-term ocean and climate products suitable for the most demanding Earth research applications via easy-to-use display and data access tools. These products are derived from a large network of satellite microwave sensors going back to 1979. Most of the products are produced in near real-time (3-12 hours) on a 24x7 basis and hence are also suitable for some weather applications. The products include sea-surface temperature and wind, air temperature, atmospheric water vapor, cloud water, and rain rate. A key element of DISCOVER is the merging of multiple sensors from multiple platforms into geophysical data sets consistent in both space and time.

Information provided by http://discover.itsc.uah.edu/