Alpine Experiment

Project Description
Alpine Experiment is historical data set DSI-9684 archived at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). The last major field experiment of the Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP) evolved from its sub-program on the Air-Flow Over and Around Mountains, called Alpine Experiment (ALPEX).

The project has focused on circulations due to wind forcing, including storm surges in the Adriatic and Western Mediterranean Sea. This project was in direct support of the World Meteorological Organization with 20 nations taking part in the project. The specific tasks of the project were:

1. To investigate the mechanism of cyclogenesis in the lee of mountains,
2. To study local mountain wind phenomena such as foehn, mistral and bora,
3. To determine the total drag of a mountain - complex (Alps),
4. To measure the vertical flux of horizontal momentum in lee - waves,
5. To observe orographic influences on precipitation, floods, and heat budget.

The world data center for meteorology located in the NCDC provides information on ALPEX data transferred to NCDC from the designated ALPEX collection centers. Information is available on selected national archive data upon request. Information may be provided for:

1. ALPEX quick-look data sets (a) microfilm, (b) digital.
2. Special platform data (research ACFT data).
3. Level II-b (dropwindsonde data).
4. Level III-b (ALPEX analysis data).
5. Special satellite data.
6. U.S. National holding data.

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