Joint North Sea Data Acquisition Project

Project Description
The Joint North Sea Data Acquisition Project (JONSDAP 76) was an
international undertaking in the North Sea during March to June
1976. It consisted of two parts: FLEX, the Fladen Ground Experiment,
and INOUT, the inflows of water of the whole North Sea as well as the
internal movements.

The INOUT period was 15 March to 25 April. Automatically ... recording
current (and usually temperature) meters were deployed at 83 positions
and off-shore tide gauges at 11 positions. More than 10 ships carried
out hydrographic work at various stations.

The FLEX period was 25 March to 15 June. The central position in the
FLEX square was continually occupied by at least one (German)
ship. During the latter half of the period there was increased
activity from about 15 ships. There were nearly 20 positions with more
than 80 automatically recording instruments (some overlapping with
INOUT) and 15 over-flights with aircraft.

The moored current meter data collected during JONSDAP 76 have been
compiled into a data set comprising approximately 250 data series. The
data were collected by 13 laboratories in 8 countries.

The data set is available from BODC on magnetic tape, floppy disk or
via ftp over Internet.

[This description was derived from the BODC WWW pages.]