Malaysian Antarctic Research Program

Project Description
The main theme of the Malaysian Antarctic Research Program is to study the linkages, similarity or differences of either atmospheric processes or biological processes between Antarctic environment and the tropic environment. The Malaysian Antarctic Research Program Task force decided that the program would concentrate its research in the following fields:

- Atmospheric Sciences
- Biological Sciences
- Radio Communication Science

Scientific research projects being carried out by Malaysian scientists are as follows:

- Boundary Layer Studies of Antarctic
- Modelling and Observational Studies of Antarctic Katabatic (MOSAK)
- Polar Atmospheric Water Vapour/Ionospheric Measurement Using GPS
- Model Development and Application of Microwave Remote Sensing in Antarctica
- Microalgal Biodiversity at Antarctica
- Occurrence of Fungi from Extreme Environments
- Diversity and Metabolic Abilities of Antarctic Bacteria
- Antarctica Microbial Genomic: Genomic Sequence Survey of Selected Antarctic Microbes
- The Evolution and Diversity of Antarctica Periphytic Algae
- The Biodiversity of the Benthic Invertebrates Fauna from the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem
- Bacteria Biodegradation and Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons in Antarctica