Gruppo Nazionale di Oceanografia Operativa, Italy

Data Center Description
The activities of Gruppo Nazionale di Oceanografia Operativa, Italy (GNOO) are articulated in the country and are part of the following structures:

INGV (Bologna section) produces daily forecasts to ten days and weekly analyzes for the whole Mediterranean Sea, offers a service release data to various institutional and private users in support of pollution control activities search and rescue at sea and the monitoring of the marine environment in general. It also produces high resolution forecasts for the Adriatic.

INGV (section Roma2) coordinates the national and international observers on multidisciplinary deep sea, which are key to long-term observations on the sea floor and then to monitor the climatic components of the oceans and seas.

The Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change (CMCC), through its component INGV, produces re-analysis of the global ocean monitoring Earth's climate and develops seasonal forecasts global.

ENEA data taking at the coordinates of ships of opportunity throughout the Mediterranean basin and develops the information system for oceanographic service.

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