NSF OpenTopography Facility, San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California, San Diego

Data Center Description
OpenTopography facilitates community access to high-resolution, Earth science-oriented, topography data, and related tools and resources.

The mission of the OpenTopography Facility is to:

Democratize online access to high-resolution (meter to sub-meter scale), Earth science-oriented, topography data acquired with LiDAR and other technologies.
Harness cutting edge cyberinfrastructure to provide Web service-based data access, processing, and analysis capabilities that are scalable, extensible, and innovative.
Promote discovery of data and software tools through community populated metadata catalogs.
Partner with public domain data holders to leverage OpenTopography infrastructure for data discovery, hosting and processing.
Provide professional training and expert guidance in data management, processing, and analysis.
Foster interaction and knowledge exchange in the Earth science LiDAR user community.

Data Center URL
URL: http://www.opentopography.org/