Site Characterization and Monitoring Technical Support Center, Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Data Center Description
There are five Technical Support Centers (TSC), in five laboratories, operated by the Office of Research and Development (ORD) and funded by the Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation and the Technical Support Project (TSP). Each TSC is dedicated to serving the EPA by supplying high-quality, quick-response technical support services when the scope of work is beyond that which is available to the Regions. The Environmental Sciences Division (ESD) in Las Vegas, NV operated the TSC until October 1, 2007. The TSC is currently operated through ORD's Office of Science Policy (OSP) and administered by the Superfund Technical Liaison program - Felicia Barnett in Region 4 is the acting TSC Director.

The Las Vegas TSC began in 1987 and specialized in Superfund support to EPA's Remedial Project Managers (RPMs) and On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs). Since 1991, limited RCRA technical support is also available. When on-site work is required, the TSC mobilizes specialized teams of field scientists equipped with portable or deployable instruments to aid the Regions with screening and site characterization. The diversity of expertise available through our TSC allows us to work with the RPMs and OSCs throughout a site characterization event, i.e., from planning and design to analysis and data interpretation. Often these projects lead to identification of further research needs or development of protocols for experimental or sampling design.

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