Department of Geography and Geology, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Data Center Description
The department maintains several special facilities for education and research.
Three cartographic, GIS and remote sensing laboratories house an extensive
array of modern equipment, including Windows PCs, PowerPC/Macs, and Sun
workstations for desktop mapping, GIS processing and remote sensing analysis.
Numerous computer peripherals, including digitizers, pen plotters, an
electrostatic plotter, color scanners, color film slide recorder, color ink-jet
printers, are available.

Cartographic, GIS and remote sensing instruction and research is facilitated by
a sizable library of cartography, CAD, and GIS, and remote sensing software
Freehand, 3DStudio, ArcCad, CorelDRAW, Flash, Dreamweaver, MapInfo, TransCAD,
TP+ and Viper) as well as several database, spreadsheet and statistical
packages (e.g., Paradox, dBase, Excel, Minitab, SPSS). Field equipment includes
sub-meter GPS units, data loggers and portable handbook computers. A multimedia
development lab contains analog and digital systems for producing videodiscs,
CD-ROMs and interactive multimedia.

The Spatial Information Analysis Lab provides students with a variety of online
course materials, tutorial modules and access to GIS software. Several
videotape presentation systems are also housed in the lab. All laboratories
have access to the university's campus network system and the Internet. The Map
Center is an official depository for U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps,
the Defense Mapping Agency series and other specialized collections.

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