Geographic Information Systems Cooperative of Adelaide, University of Adelaide

Data Center Description
Spatial information science is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of
research, development and employment in the information technology area.
Hitherto, its applications have generally been concentrated in areas like
resource allocation, asset management, land systems, engineering and mining but
it has not been applied widely in social and economic planning. GISCA aims to
develop and demonstrate a wide range of social and economic applications of
spatial information systems to improve the elucidation and amelioration of
human problems. The Centre aims to establish itself as the world's leading
centre of research and teaching in this rapidly expanding area by the year

Key Objectives:
To provide a major focus and vehicle for researchers and planners to
collaborate in the analysis and use of population and social spatial data.
To make public and private sector planning in Australia 'smarter' through the
effective incorporation of existing data using advanced geographic information
technology into research in changing patterns of need as well as into the
planning process in an effective and timely way.
To undertake high quality basic and applied research that will facilitate the
incorporation of social and demographic data using GIS technology into planning
in a more timely and effective way.
To develop new technologies in SIS.
To provide education and training in the use of social and demographic data in
planning, and the application of SIS to social planning issues.

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