Bureau of Census, U.S. Department of Commerce

Data Center Description
The Department of Commerce's Bureau of Census (an organization under
the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA)) collects data about the
people and economy of the United States and produces statistical data
products on a wide variety of media including paper, magnetic tape and
Demographic and socioeconomic data products are important in
documenting human interactions with the global climate. Census Bureau
divisions identified as contributing to global change research
Bureau of the Census/ Data User Services Division (DUSD)
The DUSD is responsible for assisting users in locating and using
Census data products. DUSD provides is the clearinghouse for most of
the Census Bureau publications. Information on DUSD can be obtained
as follows:
Customer Services: 301-763-4100
Online Service: CENDATA ailable though CompuServe and DIALOG
Data Access and Use Branch: 301-763-2074
FastFax: 1-900-555-2FAX ($2.50 charge per minute)
BBS: 301-763-7554 (8-N-1)
ftp: ftp.census.gov login as "anonymous" or "ftp"; email
address as password; cd /pub
gopher: gopher.census.gov
WWW: http://www.census.gov/
Email: gatekeeper@census.gov
Bureau of the Census/Public Information Office
The Public Information Office (PIO) has the responsibility of
informing the public about the Census Bureau, primarily through the
news media and other communications networks. The PIO prepares about
200 press releases each year.
Access to the PIO through the Internet:
ftp: ftp.census.gov cd/pub; login as "anonymous"
gopher: gopher.census.gov
WWW: http://www.census.gov/
Email: pio@census.gov
Phone: 301-763-4051
FAX: 301-763-4644
Bureau of the Census/Data-Information Centers
The State Data Centers (SDCs) receive Census Bureau data products for
their State and make that data available to users. The Business and
Industry Data Centers (BIDCs) also receive data products from the
Census Bureau and focus on economic data and assistance to business
and economic development agencies in their State. The National Census
Information Centers (NCIC) program focuses on providing economic and
census data to minority organizations.
For information on accessing a specific center, contact the State and
Regional Programs Branch at 301-763-1580 or gatekeeper@census.gov.
Bureau of the Census/Center for International Research
The Center for International Research (CIR) maintains demographic and
economic information throughout the world. The International Database
(ID) contains demographic, social, and economic statistics, by urban
and rural residence, for all countries of the world. The Population
Grid Cells database contains estimates of country population by 20
minute by 30 minute grid cells for most countries of the world.
Biennial reports are issued in the World Population Profile series and
are available from CIR. Computer programs and manuals are also
available for analyzing census and survey data. The HIV/AIDS
Surveillance Database contains information on HIV prevalence in
population groups of developing countries.
The Population Grid Cells, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Database, and
International Database will soon be available online through the
Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
To access CIESIN:
telnet: telnet catalog.ciesin.org
WWW: http://www.ciesin.org/
Phone: 517-797-2727
For more information on CIR:
Phone: 301-763-4232
Department of Commerce Home Page: http://www.doc.gov/