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FEMA's Region III Mitigation Division, under the leadership of Director Gene Gruber, strives to create safer communities by reducing the risks to loss of life and property. Mitigation measures enable individuals to recover more quickly from floods and other disasters and lessen the financial impact of disasters on the nation.

Operationally and to best accomplish its mission, the division is comprised of three major components: risk analysis, floodplain management and insurance, and hazard mitigation.

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Risk Analysis Branch

Jon Janowicz - Branch Chief

Risk analysis promotes disaster resilience by enabling individuals and communities to recover more rapidly from floods and other disasters through effective risk analysis and hazard mitigation planning. Among the programs administered by this branch:

Flood Map Modernization (Map Mod)
The National Dam Safety Program (NDSP)
The National Hurricane Program (NHP)
Natural Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NDHRP) and

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