Center for Atmospheric Research, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Data Center Description
The University of Massachusetts, Lowell Center for Atmospheric Research was founded in 1975 with the goal of conducting experimental and analytical research in atmospheric and space sciences, to provide research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, and to demonstrate how research and development solve real world problems.

The Center conducts scientific investigations in Space Weather, Magnetospheric Physics, Ionospheric Physics and Radio Sciences. Computer scientists at the Center develop advanced search and visualization programs, database applications, and networking systems.

Active space research projects include solar wind - magnetosphere interaction modeling, magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling theory, plasmasphere sounding and modeling, plasmasphere depletion and refilling processes, ionosphere sounding and modeling, radiation belt wave-particle interactions, antenna-plasma interaction, antenna radiation theory and experiments, whistler mode wave propagation and ionospheric coupling.

[Summary provided by the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.]

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