Land and Water, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia

Data Center Description
CSIRO is Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
Research Organisation.

CSIRO Land and Water and its partners seek to develop innovative
solutions to Australia?s land and water management
challenges. We aim to deliver options to policy makers and land
managers that are economically viable, socially acceptable and
environmentally sustainable.

We are the only Australian R&D provider able to harness
expertise across disparate disciplines ranging from groundwater
research to economics and social science in order to provide
options, strategies and solutions to Australia?s pressing
environmental and land management challenges.

Our skill base includes expertise in hydrology, hydrogeology,
soil science, biology, ecology, atmospheric science, remote
sensing, physics, chemistry, economics and social science. Such
scientific breadth and depth is essential to address complex and
large-scale environmental issues.

CSIRO Land and Water seeks scientific solutions through a
dynamic multidisciplinary approach to national research
priorities and the specific needs of clients. Our areas of
research are managed via nine Research Directorates and two
Special Research Units.


[Summary provided by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
Research Organisation, Land and Water]