Virtual Courseware for Science Education

Project Description
Virtual Courseware for Science Education is an ongoing project
dedicated to developing interactive Web-based activities for
the Life and Earth Sciences. These activities are designed to
enhance the learning and teaching of scientific principles at
the undergraduate college and university level as well as at
the high school AP level. There are currently two main labs
that can be explored. The first, Biology Labs On-Line, offers a
series of interactive, inquiry-based biology simulations and
exercises designed for college and AP high school biology
students. The second, Geology Labs On-Line, is a comprehensive
project to develop Web-based lab activities that enhance the
learning and teaching of introductory Geology and other Earth
and Environmental Science courses at the College and High
School levels. These "Virtual" labs are interactive where
students learn by "doing" and not just clicking and
viewing. Some of these labs are avaiable for free or can be
used on a free trial ba! sis, others require a fee based
annual subscription.

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