Project Description
CHAMP (Challenging Mini-Satellite Payload for Geo-scientific Research
and Applications program) will perform the following three tasks: 1)
Mapping of the Earth's global long to medium wavelength gravity field
and temporal variations with applications in the geophysics, geodesy
and oceanography; 2) Mapping of the Earth's global magnetic field and
temporal variations with applications in geophysics and solar
terrestrial physics; 3) Atmosphere/ionosphere sounding with
applications in global climate studies, weather forecasting, disaster
research and navigation. This is a cooperative project with
Germany. Energy forecasting and water management.


Launched: July 15, 2000
Launch Site: Plesetzk, Russia


Altitude: 450 km and circular


Weight: 500 kg
Power: 167 watts
Design Life: 5 years


LRR (Laser Retro Reflector)
OVM (Overhauser Magnetometer) and the FGM (Fluxgate Magnetometer)
DIDM (Digital Ion Drift Meter)
ACC (Accelerometer)
GPS (Global Positioning System) Receiver

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