SEDAC Gateway

Project Description
The SEDAC Gateway is a web-based search interface for simultaneous searching of local and distributed metadata catalogs. Through the Z39.50 information
retrieval protocol, the gateway provides search access to locally held
catalogs, such as the SEDAC catalog (which contains records for SEDAC's social
science data and interdisciplinary human dimensions datasets), and ... over 40
federal-, regional- and state-level distributed catalogs, as well as a number
of international catalogs. Together, these catalogs contain thousands of
metadata records from both the social and earth sciences. The metadata records
describe data and information resources in a wide variety of formats, including statistical datasets, databases, images, maps, documents, interactive applications and other catalogs and collections of resources, while providing access and ordering information and direct links to the data itself, where applicable. The Gateway search supports free text, temporal and spatial searching.

The SEDAC Gateway is produced by the Columbia University Center for
International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN).

The purpose is to provide search and retrieval of metadata records from local
and distributed metadata catalogs.

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