Project Description
QuakeSim is a project to develop a solid Earth science framework for modeling and understanding earthquake and tectonic processes. The multi-scale nature of earthquakes requires integrating many data types and models to fully simulate and understand the earthquake process. QuakeSim focuses on modeling the interseismic process through various boundary element, finite element, and analytic applications, which run on various platforms including desktop and high end computers.

We integrate and deliver the following data products through our QuakeTables database:

-paleoseismic fault data
-surface deformation data in the form of Global Positioning System (GPS) data
-seismicity data
-processed Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) interferograms from existing satellites (in progress)

Making these data available to modelers is leading to significant improvements in earthquake forecast quality and thereby mitigating the danger from this natural hazard.

Summary provided by http://quakesim.jpl.nasa.gov/