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Luna Imaging, Inc

Service Provider Description
Making a smooth transition from the traditional to the digital is, for
many institutions, a daunting prospect. Over the next several years,
every organization with existing visual holdings or plans for
photographic projects will have to "think digitally." All face the
same critical challenges: how to create high-quality image resources
of lasting value; how to contend with the special requirements of
large collections and demanding source materials and how to integrate
images with associated descriptive information. Equally important will
be the most effective ways to manage and use these growing assets.

In a networked world, the new generation of media software must ensure
flexible, distributable and scalable access to images from
anywhere. Researchers, educators, students and ever-expanding
audiences for visual resources will expect dynamic, feature-rich user
environments to view, compare and organize images, and to present them
to others. Decision-makers and funders will look for the large scale,
depth and economic leverage that coordinated efforts and shared access
across collections are making possible.

Luna Imaging, Inc. responds to these needs by providing the
services and dynamic software to build and use visual collections
online in digital form. Luna blends an unparalleled reputation for
quality scanning and digital photography with a unique understanding
of the special problems associated with cultural collections-the
demanding characteristics of different source material, the necessary
association of metadata and the overarching importance of
consistency. Luna can manage and deliver all of the skills and tasks
to complete image projects or provide specific production and
post-production services to scale projects or augment an institution's
own work

Luna Imaging Inc. enables museums, libraries and archives to
build and distribute high-quality visual collections in digital form
and provides sophisticated software to manage, access and use image
collections over the Internet.

Our software is based on years of research and testing ways in
which people use visual materials in their work. The Luna difference
can be seen in unparalleled performance, flexibility and scalability.

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