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DHI Software

Service Provider Description
For more than 15 years, DHI has been the commercial pace-setter in the
development of advanced modeling software for the World of Water. As we enter
the new millenium, DHI Software products have developed into a unique family of
modeling tools which cover all engineering, environmental and water resources
problems from rainfall through to ocean waves. DHI Software products have been
applied over and over again by thousands of users solving real water problems
in almost every country of the world.

DHI Software has been developed under a set of common standard interfaces and
file systems which makes it easy to integrate a sewer model with a coastal
water quality model or a ground water model - or any other combination that you
may need to model your particular problem. And DHI Software is implemented to
open industry interchange standards which makes it easy to link the models with
GIS, CAD, databases, SCADA systems and so on.

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