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MetWise, ENSCO, INC.

Service Provider Description
What is Extreme Forecasting?
Extreme Forecasting means expertise, experience and commitment. It is the expertise we provide in our products and services based on more than 30 years of support to the most extreme operations on the planet - space launch and aviation meteorology. We provide systems engineering, systems integration, and technology transition services for weather-sensitive operations to include space shuttle launch and landing, space shuttle ferry flight operations, toxic dispersion forecasting and aviation meteorology.

We develop real-time and analytical weather systems that ingest meteorological sensor data, and then employ advanced models and techniques that provide the meteorological event and hazard information necessary to make critical decisions.

ENSCO systems take advantage of the best technology available. To provide solutions more rapidly and cost-effectively to our customers, we capitalize on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and government off-the-shelf (GOTS) tools. Working in partnership with our customers, we develop the optimum mix of ENSCO-developed and COTS/GOTS materials to reach the desired goals. Our distributed, multiple, interconnected, high-speed networks are currently comprised of 40 percent ENSCO and 60 percent COTS/GOTS applications. Our offerings include:

? Enhanced suite of expert mesoscale models,
Multiprocessor clusters for meteorological forecasting,
Local and national data sets, and
Advanced user interface options.

ENSCO meteorologists have developed models to ensure quality control and safe operations by improving forecasting capabilities. System features include capabilities to help meet mission requirement:

? Integrate meteorological databases, meteorological models, analysis models, graphical user interfaces and maps,
Display an infinite number of layers of terrain maps and charts of meteorological data, as well as transport and dispersion model outputs
Run on multiple platforms with most operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

ENSCO has developed complex simulators for real-time system evaluation and user training. Using modeled input, we provide the ability to simulate an array of discrete sensors. A meteorological simulation module is capable of using input from atmospheric models to simulate measurements from a wide variety of surface and upper-air sensors and instrumentation inputs, including rawinsondes and profilers.

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