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British Atmospheric Data Centre, NERC Centres for Atmospheric Science, United Kingdom

Service Provider Description
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The BADC is one of the centres and facilities in the NERC Centres for Atmospheric Sciences, NCAS. NCAS carries out the core research programme in atmospheric science funded by NERC. The BADC is one of seven designated data centres established to carry out the NERC data policy. This policy is outlined in the NERC Data Policy Handbook, which outlines the responsibilities of both NERC funded researchers and the NERC designated data centres.

The BADC, NERC designated data centre for the Atmospheric Sciences, is based in the CEDA group, within the Space Science and Technology Department at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in Oxfordshire. It is one of the two NERC data centres hosted at the Laboratory. The other one being the NEODC

The BADC has substantial data holdings of its own and also provides information and links to data held by other data centres. The data held at the BADC are of two types:

- Datasets produced by NERC-funded projects; these datasets are of high priority since the BADC may be the only long-term archive of the data.
- Third party datasets that are required by a large section of the UK atmospheric research community and are most efficiently made available through one location (e.g. Met Office and ECMWF datasets).

All BADC data are available on-line through our website or via an ftp service. Software is provided to assist in the manipulation of the data and extensive information is provided on the data collection procedures, formats, data quality, contact names and references to journal papers. Other specialist services include the development of value added data products such as averaged and gridded data and the generation of vide
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