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Global Environmental Change Program, Department of Environmental Science, University of Virginia

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The Miombo Network was formed to create a regional network for global
change research on the dominant biome of Southern Africa: the Miombo
Woodlands, and to design a project based on the IGBP Transects
framework (IGBP Report 36) and the LUCC Core Project. A Miombo Network
meeting was held in Zomba, Malawi during December 4-7th, 1995, with
funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the IGBP. The
meeting was jointly organized by GCTE, LUCC, DIS, PAGES, IGAC and
START. The following countries were represented: Australia, Botswana,
Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom,
Uganda, USA, Zaire and Zimbabwe.
The goals of the Miombo Network are:
to develop a fundamental understanding of the rates and causes of
land cover changes in relation to land use patterns;
to predict the consequences of land use/land cover changes on
regional climate, natural resources, water resources, carbon storage
and trace gas emissions;
to develop a predictive understanding of miombo woodland structure
and function;
to understand determinants of distribution of species and
ecosystems in the miombo.
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Project Office see:
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(IGBP) see:
Miombo Network
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