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Information Technology and Systems Center, University of Alabama, Huntsville

Service Provider Description
The Information Technology and Systems Center (ITSC) conducts multidisciplinary
research at the University of Alabama in Huntsville in many facets of
information technology. Basic and applied research is performed to develop new
techniques and systems that ultimately solve real-world problems by the
transfer of innovative technologies and knowledge. Students, faculty and
research scientists are involved in all aspects of the center. ITSC serves as
the focal point for UAH research endeavors in information technology and
systems and provides leadership in applications of information technology for
multiple disciplines and computational environments.

The ITSC performs research and development in information management and
knowledge networks. The center is uniquely positioned to facilitate the
integration of data, information, and knowledge sources across a diverse group
of public, research, corporate, and government sectors. ITSC has extensive
experience in the area of active archives, data cataloging and data ordering of
geospatial data which has provided the foundation for research into areas such
as efficient data storage and retrieval, subsetting of data, data integration,
and cross site interoperability. The ITSC has formed the High Performance
Networking Group in the Huntsville area, which focuses on the vision, policies,
technologies and applications for high performance networks, as well as local
peering among the high performance networks including vBNS, Abilene, NREN, and
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