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Center for Land use Education And Research, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Connecticut

Service Provider Description
The mission of the Center for Land use Education And Research (CLEAR) is to
provide information, education and assistance to land use decision makers, in
support of balancing growth and natural resource protection. To achieve this
goal, CLEAR conducts remote sensing research, develops landscape analysis tools
and training, and conducts outreach education programs.

CLEAR is a partnership between the Department of Natural Resources Management
and Engineering (NRME) and the Cooperative Extension System (CES), two units of
the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR). For more than 10
years, educators and researchers from these two CANR departments have
collaborated on a number of award-winning projects focused on the relationship
of natural resource protection to land use planning and management.

The common foundation of these efforts is the use of remote sensing and
geographic information systems (GIS) technologies to create cutting-edge
information on our changing landscape, and the use of this information to
develop innovative and effective outreach programs for land use decision
makers. CLEAR builds upon this successful track record, underscoring CANRs
capabilities in the area of land use research and education, and providing a
more cohesive institutional framework from which projects and staff can
interact with existing and potential clients, colleagues, and partners. CLEAR
was also created to facilitate collaboration among the Land Grant, Sea Grant,
and Space Grant College Programs.

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