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51. NMC B3 ADP Global Upper Air Observations, daily March 1962 to December 1972 [NCAR_DS353.0]
DSS presents a global synoptic set of 12 hourly upper air data reports. These were operationally collected by NMC. They include radiosondes, pibals and aircraft reports received ...

52. Non-Coop Station History [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01073]
Station history documentation for stations outside the US Cooperative Observer network. Primarily National Weather Service stations assigned WBAN station IDs. Other stations include Coast Guard, SAWRS, ...

53. Non-Coop Station History - Foreign, Marine, Upper-Air [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01072]
International, land and ship, upper air observations with station history and metadata.

54. NonCoopStationHistory (Unindexed) [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01074]
Station history documentation for stations outside the US Cooperative Observer network. Documents should be compared with those in the Non-Coop Station History library and either indexed and added ...

55. Observing Site Histories [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01077]
Detailed reports prepared for the Midwestern Regional Climate Center under the auspices of the Climate Database Modernization Program. The goal of each report is to trace the observing site history ...

56. Ozone sounding data at Marambio from year 1988 onwards [ozone_soundings_Marambio]
High resolution ozone sounding data at Marambio (64S, 56W), Antarctica from 1988 onwards produced by Argentinean (Servicio Meteorologico Nacional) and Finnish (Finnish Meteorological Institute) ...

57. Radiosonde Weather Observations over Antarctica/Southern Ocean [SSEC-AMRC-RAOB]
We have an archive of RAOB data available to the public via ftp. Presently, from 1980-1993 for all of Antarctica is available, along with 1956-1979 for McMurdo, and 1994-present for McMurdo and South ...

58. STORM-Fronts Experiment Systems Test (STORM-FEST) 10-mb Sounding Composite Dataset (1992) for the U.S. [STORMFEST_SOUNDING]   PARENT METADATA
The Cooperative Distributed Interactive Atmospheric Catalog System (CODIAC) home page is The STORM-FEST 10mb sounding composite home page is ...

59. STORM-Fronts Experiment Systems Test (STORM-FEST) 5 Minute and Hourly Surface Land Composite Dataset (1992) for the U.S. [STORMFEST_SURFACE]   PARENT METADATA
The cooperative distributed interactive atmospheric catalog system (codiac) home page on the www is STORM-FEST 5-minute land surface composite home page is ...

60. Signal Station Inspection Reports [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01075]
Handwritten reports resulting from detailed inspections of US Army Signal Service Stations, 1871-1889. Features reported included instrument exposure and condition, general office cleanliness, records ...

61. State Climatology Books [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01033]
Substation history publications by state. Includes station metadata such as station name and location changes, observer names and changes, alternate station names. 1956 and/or 1982 edition for all ...

62. U.S. AFGWC Global Surface Observations for SESAME, few days 1977Apr-Sep [NCAR_DS462.2]
DSS acquired this data for Kreitzberg's work in the Severe Storms in American Midwest Experiment. Data exist only for a few days across the period from April to September 1977.

63. U.S. AFGWC Global Surface Observations, 1975Apr-May [NCAR_DS462.1]
Samples of data collected by the U.S. Air Force Global Weather Central (AFGWC).

64. U.S. AFGWC Station (Surface and Upper Air) Library [NCAR_DS900.0]
Prepared by the U.S. Air Force Global Weather Central (AFGWC). For each station listed, there is a name, WMO number, country code, latitude and longitude, elevation, and codes ...

65. U.S. Navy SPOT Global Surface and Upper Air Observations, daily 1971-1996 [NCAR_DS465.1]
The Navy Fleet Numerical Weather Center (FNWC) collects, on an operational basis, surface and upper air data from the Global Telecommunications System (GTS). DSS created the ...

66. U.S.A.F. AFGWC, Surface Observations, 1967Dec [NCAR_DS462.0]
Sample of data collected by the U.S. Air Force Global Weather Central (AFGWC)

67. U.S.A.F. DATSAV Surface Observations, 1973-1981 [NCAR_DS463.1]
Global surface observations from USAF (ETAC) at NCDC in DATSAV3 [] format. This set is superseded by ds463.2 ...

68. U.S.A.F. DATSAV3 Surface Observations, 1901-continuing [NCAR_DS463.2]
This ASCII data set (DATSAV3) is produced at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) from a USAF binary set (DATSAV2), a collection of worldwide surface weather observations ...

69. U.S.A.F. ETAC TD9600 Surface Observations, 1967Feb-Apr and 1976Aug [NCAR_DS460.0]
Global surface observations from the U.S.A.F. for February 1967 to April 1967 and for August 1976.

70. U.S.S.R. Surface 6- and 3-hourly Surface Synoptic Observations 1936-1983 [NCAR_DS475.0]
This dataset contains daily 6-hourly and 3-hourly surface observations for many U.S.S.R. stations for January 1936 to December 1983.

71. USRCRN Photo Information [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01120]
Photos of USRCRN stations and their immediate surroundings. Taken by engineering techs from NOAA's Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (ATDD). Photos are used to ensure station environment ...

72. USRCRN Station Information [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01069]
Documentation of United States Regional Climate Reference Network (USRCRN) installations in 2009. Installations documented are for USRCRN pilot project stations in the Four Corners states of Arizona, ...

73. Various Station Libraries and Histories [NCAR_DS904.0]
This dataset contains station libraries and histories and received from various sources.

74. W.M.O. Station (Surface and Upper Air) Library (November 1995) [NCAR_DS905.0]
This dataset contains a station library for WMO surface and upper-air stations. The library is current as of November 1995.

75. WMO Selected, Supplemenatary, Auxiliary Ships [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01047]
World Meteorological Organization International List of Selected, Supplementary and Auxiliary Ships, recognized as Publication 47. 1973-1998 editions, gathered from several sources: the WMO, U.K. ...

76. Water Level Station History [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01078]
Images contain station history information for 175 stations in the National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON). The NWLON is a network of long-term, continuously operating water-level stations ...

77. NARSTO SOS99NASH WP-3D Orion Air Chemistry Data [NARSTO_SOS99NASH_WP3D_CHEM]
The NARSTO_SOS99NASH_WP3D_CHEMISTRY_DATA were obtained between June 26 and July 19, 1999 during the WP3-D aircraft component of the Nashville 1999 study sponsored in part by the Southern Oxidant Study. ...

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