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51. Vector Map Level 0 (VMAP0) Product Canada [Canada_GeoGratis_VMAP0]
The dataset offers Canadian coverge based on the VMAP0 data product which is a global digital dataset produced and maintained by the United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency NIMA ...

52. Canadian Conservation Areas Database (CCAD) [Canada_GeoGratis_CCAD]
Due to the work and commitment from many regional agencies to establish conservation and protected areas, a framework is required to allow national analysis and reporting on these efforts. The Canadian ...

53. Canadian Geopolitical Boundaries, Level 1 [Canada_GeoBase_CanGeopolBoundL1]
This dataset is one of the GeoBase series of products. It contains current International, Economic exclusion zone and inter-provincial / territorial boundaries of Canada, plus the corresponding geopolitical ...

54. Landsat 5 TM Data over Major Canadian Cities [Canada_GeoGratis_L5TMDatCdnCit]
The images in this dataset cover areas approximately 185 km by 185 km and are centred primarily on 17 major Canadian cities. These are: Calgary, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Fredericton, Halifax, Iqaluit, ...

55. National Scale Frameworks Rail Network, Canada [Canada_GeoGratis_NatlFraRail]
Atlas of Canada National Scale Frameworks data are standardized national coverages of commonly used geospatial data sets at the 1:1 000 000 scale. A variety of framework layers (e.g. hydrology, roads, ...

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