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51. The GOSSTCOMP SST Observation Tape for the U.S. Navy from the NOAA TIROS/N Satellite Series [OSDPD0042]
The Class 1 GOSSTCOMP SST Observations (EDS.CONVET) tape is generated for the U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Weather Center (FNWC) in Monterey, California. The tape is received by the U.S. Navy from its ...

52. The Old and New Heat Budget Analysis Files, Accumulating Day File, and the Monthly Archive Tape from the NOAA TIROS/N Satellite Series [OSDPD0040_41_46_53]
The Old Heat Budget Analysis File (ANALFILE) is a direct-access disk containing sets of 2.5 degree and polar stereo arrays for the analysis of the heat budget parameters. The fields on this file are ...

53. Current Day, 7-Day, and 8-Day SST Observation Files from Ships and the NOAA TIROS/N Satellite Series [OSDPD0033_34_167]
The Current Day Observation file contains all SST observations (from any source, i.e. ship, satellite, etc.) which have been quality controlled. Use of these data should require no further quality ...

54. Global Gridded Surface Temperature Climatology Field from the NOAATIROS/N Satellite Series [OSDPD0023]
The global climatology field contains climatological data in the form of monthly entries from points in a 1 X 1 degree resolution latitude/longitude grid. Wherever possible, two entries at each point ...

55. Satellite-Derived Climatological Monthly Mean SST Fields from the NOAA TIROS/N Satellite Series [OSDPD0038]
This data set is a year-long file of monthly mean satellite-derived temperatures produced via manipulation of the data stored in NSS.PSATAV.SST.MOMEAN. For each month of the year, and for each point ...

56. The 50-km SST Field and Accumulation Files from the NOAA TIROS/N Satellite Series [OSDPD0037_45]
The 50-km SST field file consists of a specific set of information pertaining to global latitude and longitude intersections. The 0.5-degree resolution file, or 50-km field file covers 3 regions: ...

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