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1. Uranium Series Isotopes TDV [U_Ser_0087994]
During 2002-2003, water samples were collected from 22 streams, the hyporeic zone was sampled in 3 streams and water column profiles were collected for 4 dry valley lakes (12 profiles). ...

2. Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Ratios of River Water in the Drainage System of the Omono River [OMONOR]
Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic ratios of river water were measured at 29 points in the drainage of the Omono River and also at 19 points in a small drainage located north of the Omono drainage. The ...

3. Runoff Analysis Using Multiple Isotope Tracers in the Iwami River Drainage, Akita, Japan [IWAMIRO]
The rate of direct runoff was determined after a heavy rain fall in the Iwami River drainage (ca. 100km2), based on changes in hydrogen and oxygen isotopic ratios and tritium content of river water. ...

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