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1. High-Resolution Soundings Data from the Priority Sounding Stations(PSS) Collected during TOGA COARE [COARE_lsa_pss]
DATA ACCESS The soundings data are available through the WWW (World Wide Web)/CODIAC interface at "". Priority Sounding Station (PSS) log files are available via anonymous ...

2. Monthly Tropical Atlantic Ocean Gridded Pseudo-Stress and Sea Surface Temperature Analyses [WOCE_PSEUDO_STRESS_ATLANTIC]
The data consist of monthly mean tropical pseudo wind-stress and sea surface temperature in a 2 by 2 degree grid. The analysis method is based on a combination of objective and ...

3. WOCE Ocean Surface Meteorological Data from the Surface Meteorological Data Assembly Center (DAC) at Florida State University [FSU_COAPS_WOCEMET_DAC]
The World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Data Assembly Center (DAC) for Surface Meteorology (WOCE-MET) collects, checks, and distributes all underway surface meteorological data recorded ...

4. Monthly Tropical Pacific Ocean Gridded Pseudo-Stress Analyses [FSU_PSEUDO_STRESS_PACIFIC]
This file contains monthly average pseudostress values on a 2-degree, 84x30 grid, (1 grid/month) over the Tropical Pacific Ocean. These values were obtained by subjective analysis of a 2-degree by ...

5. Indian Ocean Fluxes and Surface Meteorological Fields from the WOCE Surface Meteorology Special Analysis Center (WOCEMET SAC) [COAPS_SURF_MET_FLUX_INDIAN]
These data are monthly, 2-degree grid, analysis fields of surface variables over the Indian ocean. The technique used to provide these fields is described in a paper Jones et. al. (1995). There are ...

6. Monthly Tropical Indian Ocean Gridded Pseudo-stress Analyses [FSU_PSEUDO_STRESS_INDIAN]
This file contains monthly average pseudostress values on a 1-degree, 90x54 grid, (1 grid/month) over the Tropical Indian Ocean, using kinematic instead of dynamic constraints. These values were ...

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