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1. 3-D Plasma and Energetic Particle Investigation on WIND [WIND_3DP]
The main purpose of the Wind spacecraft is to measure the incoming solar wind, magnetic fields and particles, although early on it will also observe the Earth's foreshock region. Wind, together with ...

2. Cosmogenic 36Cl in Antarctic meteorites [Tage]
We have completed metal separation for about 190 meteorites and dissolved 160 metal samples for 36Cl (half-life = 0.3 Myr) measurements. All Cl fractions were isolated from other elements ...

3. Cosmogenic Radionuclide in Ice Cores [Nishiizumi-OPP0126343]   PARENT METADATA
This project is intended to provide a record of cosmogenic radionuclides, 10Be (half-life = 1.5 Myr) and 36Cl (0.30 Myr), concentrations in the Siple Dome ice cores. It is particularly instructive ...

4. Fast Auroral SnapshoT Explorer (FAST) Data Archive [FAST]
The Fast Auroral SnapshoT (FAST), the second mission in NASA's Small Explorer Satellite Program (SMEX), is a satellite designed to study Earth's aurora. This highly successful spacecraft has helped ...

5. NASA THEMIS Mission Level 1 and 2 CDF Data [THEMIS_L1_L2_DATA]
[Source: THEMIS Mission Home page at Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA, ] THEMIS answers longstanding fundamental questions ...

6. X-ray observations of energetic electron precipitation from a long duration balloon (MAXIS) over Antarctica, January 2000 [MAXIS_2000]
Data set contains X-ray observations from the MAXIS (MeV Auroral X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy) long duration balloon experiment. MAXIS was launched January 12 2000 and consists ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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