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1. SaskGIS Data Directory - Saskatchewan, Canada [Canada_InfSerCoSas_SasGISDatDir]
Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan has established a provincial data clearinghouse for Saskatchewan in cooperation with the SaskGIS Standards Committee. It will grow to contain a significant ...

2. SaskGIS General Purpose Map - Saskatchewan, Canada [Canada_InfoSerCorpSask_SaskGIS]
This data set contains information on the designated areas, transportation, hydrography, townships and administration boundaries in Saskatchewan. The data set is available in a graphically topologically ...

3. SaskGIS Township Fabric Map - Saskatchewan, Canada [Canada_InfoSerCorpSa_SaskGISTFM]
The Township Fabric Map is the set of provincial standard SaskGIS digital data sets which depict the Dominion Land survey system in Saskatchewan. The Township Fabric Data Set includes: ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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